Welcome to The British Centre

The British Centre, considered by many as the leading English language Institute in Monterrey, was founded in 1993 and for more than 19 years our programmes have helped students of all ages and professions, from different areas of the region, to learn the English language. We offer a wide variety of courses for everyone – from 6 year olds to top level directors, from the very beginner to highly advanced levels of English equivalent to a C1-C2 level on the Common European Framework (CEF) scale, to school children and career students, and the hardworking staff and managerial levels of our local industries and commerce. We even teach the methodology and pedagogy of teaching English to the teachers of other English schools!

British Centre Mission

The British Centre is a well established English language school that is committed to teaching the world’s language to students of all ages and from all walks of life making their learning easier, richer and more enjoyable. With a view to providing quality language tuition and value for money, our aim is to foster a friendly, caring and professional learning environment while ensuring that all of our students gain the maximum experience and benefit from their courses of study.

British Centre Vision


The British Centre is committed to the continual evolution and development of its already highly regarded linguistic services as it faces the ever changing needs of the 21st century. As we embark on the new social and professional challenges of a new decade, our ongoing goal is to further consolidate the recognition we enjoy as a leading and pioneering language institute. By preparing ourselves and our students through the constant implementation and use of cutting edge tools and up to date methodologies, we will enhance even further the scope and reach of our teaching abilities and language programmes while providing optimum learning experiences for all..

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