With over 19 years of experience, THE BRITISH CENTRE offers high quality language learning and assessment services to executives and personnel throughout Monterrey's industry, commerce and trade sectors.

What we do.

Our services include assessments of individual development from language to evaluation of the entire staff of a company, from redesigning existing courses in the company to the complete installation and implementation of the most current language learning courses available, the design and organization of programmes and materials focused on specific needs of individuals and / or the entire company and assessment of language skills of candidates to jobs.

We ensure that the quality of our services is maintained through:

- Programmes tailored specifically to our customers' needs.
- Specialised materials for diverse and flexible learning.
- Highly trained instructors with extensive experience.
- Continuous development programmes for teachers.
- Long-term professional support for students and companies.
- A mature working relationship between The British Centre and its customers.


How do we do it?

At The British Centre we believe in the philosophy of starting with the client, not with ourselves. We give more importance to the needs of the client who hires us as it is their staff who want to learn English, not ours! We join hands with you to support, strengthen and enhance your current quality management systems.

Once the language learning objectives have been defined, we build the programme that best meets those needs. Through this procedure, we do not restrict ourselves to just one method of teaching and learning, but eclectically select the best possible study plan for you from a variety of courses and training materials, usually based on a core methodology:

“The Communicative Approach Philosophy”

Our English programme uses a communicative approach to the teaching and learning of languages, which encourages students to participate actively in the learning process. This is a student-centered approach that emphasizes and encourages communication in social and professional situations of real life.

As far as possible, our teachers act as facilitators and allow students to take responsibility for their own learning. Teachers prepare assignments and exercises, and guidance to students, but it is the latter who are responsible for their learning and even their class participation. The responsibility to participate well in class frequently increases confidence in the use of language.

In our classes, priority is given to the analysis of the situations we encounter in everyday life as well as the professional and communicative language exchanges that are generated within them. While grammar is still important in the classroom, we emphasise the importance of the transmission of a message.

Our goal is to help students to effectively communicate their needs and ideas in the targetlanguage they are studying.